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Thank you for your interest in playing at the Urban Press Winery & Restaurant in Burbank, CA!

The Urban Press Winery & Restaurant is an upscale, intimate performance venue located in the heart of Burbank, with the capacity to showcase solo and duo artists and small groups (4-5 musicians including singers). The restaurant has a delicious menu, specializing in Italian cuisine, created by its world-renowned, award-winning chef, and features a wide array of our own wines.  

​We feature live music three nights a week and Sunday afternoons. Thursdays are solo acoustic or duo shows, Fridays and Saturdays we are host to a variety of contemporary bands ranging from R&B to Top 40, Soul, Jazz & Soft Rock, and we have Jazz Brunch on Sunday afternoons.

Our vibe is mellow, and acts with good local followings are preferred.

We have a small sound system; a soundboard (located by the bar) and speakers. We also have a small house drum kit which we prefer bands use, but no other backline. Performers bring their own amps for keyboards, electric guitars, and bass, and also bring mics & stands, and extra cables as needed. Since the room is not large, monitors are usually not needed, but may be brought in by the artist.​


A few things to be aware of:

  1. Performers are expected to promote their shows -- which includes posting and sharing on all social media platforms -- and bring at least 20 guests.

  2. We do not sell tickets to our shows, but a $10 entertainment fee is added to each patron’s tab (excluding Thursdays).

  3. There is a $25 food & beverage minimum per guest.

  4. Guests are expected to make advanced table reservations, and they may receive a free wine tasting (excluding Thursdays).

  5. There is a free parking structure around the corner. Enter on Palm Ave., then walk to alley. 

  6. If you have not been to the Urban Press Winery & Restaurant, we suggest that you come by on a night when there is live music to get feel for the venue, the vibe, and the acoustics.


NOTE: If you are a touring artist and do not have a local following, the Urban Press Winery is probably not the right venue for you.

If you think you may be a good fit for our venue, please complete and submit the questionnaire below, and our entertainment director will get back to you if interested in booking you at The Press.

Artist Inquiry Form

Which days would you be most interested in playing?


- Are you a solo artist or a band? (how many members, instruments, etc?)

- Do you play original music, covers, or both?

- Please include links to your songs and at least one video via Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

- What are your social media handles?

Thanks for submitting!

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